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User Onboarding and Training

Once you have chosen the most suitable Cloud ERP solution, employees must learn how to use it. Don’t forget to include this crucial step in the initial budget. Make sure to invest enough time and resources into user onboarding and training. This will lead to more confident and experienced employees, reduce frustration, and avoid crucial […]

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Migrating to a Cloud ERP can put a company’s information at risk. Protecting that information represents a crucial priority. Fortunately, Cloud ERP solutions offer a number of highly secure options. After all, government agencies also use Cloud ERP systems. Make sure that the Cloud ERP you choose meets industry security standards (including ISO27k) of the […]

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Lack of a systems strategy

The first priority when setting out to select a new ERP system is to have a clear vision as to what you’re looking for. You need to know what’s definitely in scope, what’s definitely out of scope and what might be in scope should the right solution be available. This should be driven by a […]

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